Review : Neutrogena’s oil-free acne wash

Yosh ! finally got the time to be here * happy happy * anyways on with the point now . For some time I had been thinking of writing a review on dermatologists No.1 recommended face wash … yup talking about Neutrogena’s oil-free acne wash . I have read like thousands of reviews on this one before using it and the one thing that was common in nearly all reviews was that this wash causes dryness . I don’t have that bad ugly kinda’ acne but i have pimples here and there so I was like “okay i should give it a try” and this is what happened and what I did  🙂


                                                                      My Experience :

Okay so when I started using this wash it did cause dryness so afterwards I used pond’s moisturizer which is pretty heavy but unlike before it didn’t make my skin look oily which I thought was a good thing . But after two three days I noticed that somehow my pimples have gotten worse and I was like Hell no what the hell did I do wrong ?! No I didn’t use it for more than twice a day , so I was pretty confused that why it is not working ? Then I came across something super !  I dropped my moisturizer and toner and used Rose water as both and voila ! MAGIC HAPPENED !! slowly my pimples started to disappear which was a pleasant surprise for me 🙂  and I also use lemon juice every night before going to bed and this added a little more glow to my skin . As I always have a hard time putting on makeup every time I have to go somewhere which I think is troublesome ,so I always try to make my skin look naturally clear so I don’t have to wear too much makeup on .

Pros :  Yup overall a really good cleanser I will definitely buy it again !

Cons : Is a little drying though but you can use your favorite moisturizer afterwards or can use rose water .

Rating it 4.5/5  🙂