Favorite Lipstick Shades & a MINI Jewellry Haul.

Hello everyone 🙂 Seriously it’s been so hot that I feel like I will melt !! :O I had my 10 holidays which I really wanted to spend with my grandfather but couldn’t go there I miss him and his pakoras and mint sauce 😦 anyways it’s summer and summer means wearing cute , cool lip colors with your favorite blush. I have been wearing a lot of lipstick shades now-a-days but out of those lipsticks I have fallen IN LOVE with two lipstick shades that I will share today. The first one is a pink shade my mom got for me.


And the second is the good old red. Red NEVER gets out of style. It has it’s own place if somebody asks me.



I don’t wear jewellry that much but if I see a really cute thing I buy it and I wear it 😛 I saw some really cute stuff on an online store so I decided to spend some money. The moment I saw this absolutely adorable necklace I knew that I had to have it. image I was actually planning to post this stuff for the last two days but If you read my post before this one you’d know that I am super lazy >.< Anyways that’s all for now. See you all soon. ❤