Review: The Body Shop seaweed clarifying toner ♥

Now-a-days with so many stuff on the counter it’s hard to find a skincare product that actually does the work for you. Otherwise you go around wasting your money on stuff that don’t do your skin any good. I had been looking for an alcohol-free toner for sometime and recently a friend recommended me The body shop’s seaweed clarifying toner. TBS’s seaweed range is especially targeted towards people with combination to oily skin.


Okay here’s what the products claims ” Refreshing alcohol-free toner removes impurities and refines pores “. And now for my experience with this toner 🙂


                                                                  My Experience :   

I would just say that I got lucky and found myself a toner that was actually worth my money. I have used countless toners and I can confidently say that this is one of the BEST toners I have ever used. And can I just say that I LOVE that squeaky clean feeling that I had after taking my makeup off with it or after cleansing. Okay please note that this toner may not be for people with acne and pimple problems because it didn’t help me get rid of my pimples , it just does what it claims to do and that is to refresh your skin and believe me when I say this It really does that job well. I mean after using this toner I actually felt like my skin was breathing. The thing I love THE MOST is it’s heavenly smell and more importantly my skin looks and feels great and fresh. I don’t know if the “refines pores” part is true because my pores are not that big so If you use it please share your experience with me :). And now here are the overall results  ♥

Pros : 

Refreshes skin

Glowing skin after 1 week’s use (in my case)

Excellent makeup remover

No alcohol

Smells great

Cons : 

Not for people with problematic skin

You think it’s expensive

Overall rating : 3.5/5

Price : Rs 1530/-

Recommendation : If you are looking for an alcohol-free toner that’s gentle enough on your skin then this one might be for you.