☆About Me☆


Name : Rikzah Zia

Age : 18 ( whenever I tell people my age I somehow feel like I have gotten very old  )

Eye color : Brown

Complexion : Fair

Skin type : Oily and acne prone skin

Favorite color : The one I like or the one in which I look good ?  LOL kidding it’s black. Personality : Well I am usually a goody two-shoes , but I have my tomboyish side as well.

Do I like shopping ? : well yes , as long it’s all about makeup and skincare products or some good animated movie that has been recently released . But I always have a hard time when it comes to buying clothes and shoes etc … I know weird …

My Favorite Makeup brands : MAC ,  Maybelline , Etude house and to some extent Rimmel as wel.

My favorite Skincare brands : The Body Shop ( I absolutely love their stuff ) , Clinique , Saeed Ghani ( It’s a local brand , a friend told me about this  .. some of their products are actually very nice 🙂 Freeman’s masks ( MUST HAVE’s !!! ) good old St.Ives ( Their scrubs are amazing ) , can’t forget my all time fav Neutrogena ! And of course my new favorite Crabtree & Evelyn ( Their Hand and foot therapies are on the TOP) !

Favorite Music Band : Pink floyd , Linkin park , Cold play , Super junior , LMNT , Girls’s generation ( yup k-pop fan as well )

Favorite Movies :  H ‘mm most probably on #1 it’s Bruce lee’s enter the dragon then comes Tekken : The blood vengeance ( I am completely in love with this movie . It’s totally EPIC !!!! ) , Bleach : Memories of nobody oh oh oh i also like the other one from bleach which is The diamond dust rebellion ( although fade to black is also a nice one but not favorite ) , Resident Evil : Afterlife        ( If  you haven’t watched this movie …. then go see it NOW ! )

Where do I usually do all my shopping from :  H ‘mm I don’t have a particular place I go to , where I can find the stuff  I need maybe ? meeh who cares .. Oh oh But I do like these online shopping stores and I always spend my Eidi buying useless stuff from there ( according to my parents lol 😛 ) http://www.just4girls.pk  and   http://www.beautyarena.pk


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  2. Hello There!!
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving the lovely comment!
    I read some of your posts too and am following you now! Hope to read more of your posts soon..

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